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Ilayaraja is incomparable.

வே. மதிமாறன்
வலைதளத்தில் பின்னூட்டமாக வந்த பதிவு...
முழு பதிவையும் படிக்க இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்
IR is a perfectionist. He has the film industry for 20 years. He has composed music for more than 700 films. And I heard he has composed new ragas(I can remember Panchamukhi..). And finally he is gifted and that is the reason why he is able to provide so many good songs which have made the people long for his music.
Why was Salvador Dali considered a genius? All his paintings were not recognized when he lived because it was surrealistic. Galileo was beheaded because he invented the telescope.. All the men who were great are not recognized when they live. Only after they die people sing praises of them.
I am sure that people will certainly realize that IR was a genius in future. Because, the great composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi are not forgotten and they are still immortal because of their greatness. So, I feel that IR will also have a everlasting name in Tamil music’s history. God Bless him!!
Anybody can become No. 1 some time or other. Being the no. 1 what are your achievements and what is your contribution? Ilayaraja has nothing to achieve anymore. Can any one of you give me a department in Music where any music director has achieved something better than Ilayaraja? I will discuss in detail his achievement in all departments of music to my knowledge. If I am wrong or If you know something I missed I welcome a healthy argument supoported by solid arguments.
In the statement I quoted, he has said ARR has done a better job in his first five years. In his First 5 years Raja has done more than 200 films and more than 1000 mega hit songs. He was not promoted by any producer or Director or Press or satellite TVs. How do you put these 200 films and 1000 songs against 25 films and 30 songs? Are you crazy?
You yourself had said that Raja has 20 years exp. while ARR has 5 years exp. In 20 years Raja has scored more than 800 films and 4000 songs. He has atleast 150 films where all the songs in the film were super hits. He has more than 2000 hit songs and his average films per year is 40. If you project ARR’s career, he has done only 30 films so far and around 15 hit movies and 50 hit songs. Assuming consistency he can atmost do 125 films and around 200 hit songs. Has he ever done music for a low budget film or a new director or an actor like Ramarajan, Rajkiran, Murali etc? In what sense you claim that he has done a better job? In the amt he is paid? I will give you an information. Ilayaraja was paid Rs.40 lacks for Thalabathi in 1991, which was the best ever salary in India till that time. He has earned more than 300 crores in 20 years.
In another place he mentioned that Ilayaraja has copied Hindi and western? Do you have evidence? I have evidence for Rahman’s copying. The flute music that starts “Ennavale” in Kadalan was taken from a famous western composer who generously declared that anybody can use his composings as a library. Rahman has agreed this in an interview with Anantha Vigatan.
Now I will start with How Ilayaraja is uncomparable.
I claim Ilayaraja to be uncomparable in the following concerns.
1. Songs
2. Background Music
3. Trend Setter
4. Consistency
5. Carnatic Music
6. Albums
7. Multi Lingual Perfomance
8. Customizing Songs for directors/actors
9. Technology in music
10. His magnanimity
11. His responsibity in making the film A super hit
12. His Productivity – Quickness & Excellence
13. His professional Composing style
14. Promoting the cine industry / consumer electronics

1. Songs
I like to classify songs as follows. ( I will give an example in the brackets – even though obvious – The songs may not be the best of that kind )
1. Duets ( Kanmaniye Kaadhal Enbathu)
2. Solo songs ( male – Senthaazhm Poovil, female – Maaliyil Yaaro (sathrian) )
3. Sensational songs Duo – Not duets ( Aayiram malargale malarungal)
4. Sensational songs solo – ( Male – Kanavu Kanum Vazhkkai, Female – Raasave Unnai Nan – Thanikkatu Raja)
5. Songs sung in happy mood – converted to pathos later – (Povomaa Oorgolam)
6. Pure pathos in nature ( Female – Sonthamillai Banthamillai – Annakili, Male Unna ninaicen – Aboorva sagothargal, Duo – Kudagumalai – Karagaattakkaaran)
7. Songs designed exclusively for Background music ( Then pandi seemaiyile – Nayagan)
8. Songs designed for sensation later used for Background Music ( Poongatru – Mudal Mariathai)
9. Songs designed for duets later used for background music ( Thalaatuthe vaanam – kadal meengal)
10. Bit songs – (Ae Kuruvi – mudhal mariathai , Sollaal aditha – sinna goundar)
12. Romantic songs – ( Duo – Nila Kaayudhu, Female- Sivarathiri – Michael Madana..)
13. Sexual grievance – Azhagu malar aada – Vaideki Kaththirunthaal
14. Dispute in Marriage – Mandram Vantha Thndralukku – Mounaragam
15. Songs for ceromonies – occations
New year – Sagalakalavallavan – tiil the best and immortal
Puberty – Araicha Sandhanam – Sinna thambi
Kalyanam – oru nalum unai – ejaman
First night – Thalaiyai Kuniyum Thamarai – Or odai nathiyagirathu – sridhar
Birthday – Thenmadhurai – Dharmathin Thalaivan
Thaalattu – Thooliyile , tene thenpaandi meene, mannava mannava – Walter
Blessing – Nooru varusham, Adi kaana karunguyile – poonthota kavalkaran
Appreciation – Potri Paadadi ponne, Kannu pada poguthu
Engagement – Vanthathe Kungumam – Kilakku Vaasal
Thoonga Vaikkum Paattu – Pachchai malai thenu – kilakku vaasal
Happiness for getting things done – Madai thirandhu -nizhzlgal
Pregnancy – Sindhiya venmani – Poonthotta kavallkaran
vazhai kappu – rakku muthu rakku -ejaman
Pongal- Thai pongalu vanthathu – mahanathi
Dheepavali – Pattasu suthi suthi – Poove poochoodava
Bogi – kattukuyilu, margalithan – Thalabathi
Mother’s death – En thayenum koyilai – Aranmanai kili
Athletic environment – Sickendra aadaiyil – iniya uravu pooththathu, Paruvame Pudhiya paadal – nenjaththai killathe)
Wive’s Loss – Sola Pasungiliye – En rasavin Manasula
16. Brother -sister Relation – Oru thanga Radhaththil – Dharma Uththam
17. Amma Songs – Amma endralaikkatha
18. Hamming Oriented songs – Poonthalirada – Panner Pushbangal
19. Dappanguthu songs ( Vadi en kappa kilangu, Podhuvaga en manasu)
20. Karnatic pure in nature – Sinna kannan azhaikiran – kavikuyil
21. Karnatic – Mixed Ragas – Punjai Undu – unnal mudiyum thambi
22. Conversion of existing raga into new one – Mari Mari ninne – Sindhu Bairavi
23. Starting in Folk Bridging to Complex karnatic raga – Paadariyen – Sindhu Bairavi
24. Gaanaa songs – Machchi Mannaaru – Ennuyir tholan
25. Pure English song in a Tamil Film – One two three – Punnagai Mannan
26. Quasi English – All The Time – Nadodi Thndral
I like to highlight this. Ilayaraja is the first person who designed songs which starts
with a rithm and the rithm occupies the entire film. If you hear the rithm alone itself, you can identify the song.

27. Rithm Oriented songs
There are a number of songs and I list a few.
Aasaiya Kaththula – Johny
Aattama – Captain Prabhakaran
Kadoram Lolakku
Nila adhu vaanaththu
Malai koil vasalil – Veera
AAsai adhigam
Mottai madi
Santhaikku vantha kili.
28. Instrument Oriented Song.
Ilaya nila – Guitar
Kalakaalmaga Vazhum – Violin
Raja Rajathi Rajanendra Raja – Drums ( Only Drums)
Thenmadurai – Piano
Manamagale – Devar Magan – Nathaswaram
Potri Paadadi – Devat Magan – Gadam
Nilavu Thoongum – Mouth Organ
29. Kindal Paattu – O party nalla party
30. Old song like songs – Paarijatha poove, Naan sirithal deepavali
31. He used Train sound as rithm in Goods Vandiyile – Kunguma chimizh
32. Exceptional songs even for Trivilial situations – Karumbu vil – meenkodi Theril
I am tired of thinking any more. Somebody can help me for further list of songs.
I am sure no other music director can imagine doing this. Has any other music director before him or after him has achieved such a feet. I will challenge!
2. Background Music(BGM)
Many of us when thinking and speaking about Ilayaraja, we give our emphasis to his songs. But his potential in Background music is amazing. We hardly talk about it because the involvment that is created by virtue of his BGM eliminates the feeling that music added separately after taking the film. Only in the absence of a quality BGM we feel that something is missing and talk about that.
I will give you an evidence for his talents in BGM. Mr. Piriyadharsan a Malayala Director ( Rated as one top 5 Indian Directors today) produced a monumental film “KALABANI” or “SIRAICHALAI”. When the project was started he gave an interview that he was selecting the technitians for the film from the Top 5 of the respective field. He told that he has only one choice for Music and it was Ilayaraja.
Raja’s professionalism in BGM can be best seen in “Mudal Mariathai and Devar Magan”. Raja has been accepted by almost all music directors in India as the Best BGM composer all time.
3. Trend Setting
Many people are talking that trend has changed, This MD has changed the Trend and so on. They are using the word “Trend” as a filler without really specifying what they mean by trend.
Ilayaraja changed the following trends.
1. He proved that a Music director can take the entire credit for a song. Before Ilayaraja all songs were either MGR songs or SIVAJI songs or SSR songs or GEMINI songs. And the music directors did not get any credit for their songs. It includes MSV, V.KUMAR, KVM etc.
Ask anybody whose song is ANNAKILI? It is ILAYARAJA’S song. Whose song is “NALLAVARKKELLAM CHATCHIGAL RENDU” ? Is it a SIVAJI song? No!! It is Ilayaraja’s song. He is the person who brought the Music Director from behind the screen to front of the people. People started clapping the hands with enthu seeing the Title ” Isai – Ilayaraja”. No other MD has got such an appreciation from the public in India before that. People started asking “Isai Yaaru? Ilayarajava? Kandippa Polam!!”.
2. Ilayaraja proved that only his name is sufficient for the film advertisement. People did not bother who is the actor, actress , director, producer. Seeing Ilayaraja they went into the Theatre.
Kovaithambi advertised “Payanagal Mudivathillai” with Ilayaraja’s cut out. Songs made the film running for 250 days.
3. People claim that nowadays musical trend has been shifted to WESTERN. In 1991 ANJALI was released. The songs were declared by Press to be 21st CENTURY MUSIC. At that time only Manirathnam was there to Use Raja’s talents in WESTERN MUSIC. Only because of lack of quality customers, many of ilayaraja’s talents went unutilised.
4. People claim that some of the today’s MD’s songs are copied by Hindi people. When Ilayaraja was copied by Hindi people for 15 yrs nobody wrote about that. Hindi Music Director “Anand Milind” openly stated that Ilayaraja is as good as the God and he does not feel ashamed to copy Raja as he is taking music from the Musical Guru. All songs in “CHINNATHAMBI” were copied. The song “THUTHTHUTHOO THUTHTHUTHARA” was copied from ” Raakamma Kaiya Thattu”. When you did not give popularities to these things that time.
Letting People to copy from Tamil
5. Some people say that Some of our Music Directors are very popular in Hindi too. Ilayaraja has already done music for Hindi – SADMA. In 80s When he enters into the studio, both sides of the road people from Telugu, Kannadam, Hindi were standing and beggging Ilayaraja to score music for them. But He spent all his time for Tamil Tamil Tamil. He paid the price for dedicating his time only for Tamil films. Today the same Tamil people dare to say that Raja avvalavuthaan.
He was the first Music Director to perform Music for Many Languages. He gave hit movies in Malayalam, Telugu, Kannadam, Hindi that also frequently except(Hindi).
6. I like to highlight this. Ilayaraja is the first person who designed songs which starts with a rythm and the rythm occupies the entire film. If you hear the rythm alone itself, you can identify the song.
I have already given a number of examples.
7. Ilayaraja is the man who has done Miracle with carnatic music in cine songs. The Raga that was used in “Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran” from kavikuyil is never indented for a happy song. Ilayaraja said that it can be used for happy songs and composed “Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran” . (Those who know carnatic can explain better)
Also the song “Mari Mari Ninne” from sindhu Bairavi was sung in a different raga that is beyond the reach of lay people who do not know carnatic music. Ilayaraja with the same Lyrics, changed the Raga and made the song whispered by lay people.
For the first time in cine songs Ilayaraja started from a flok song that is written in the same Raga as “Mari Mari Ninne” in sindhubairavi, and bridged this folk song to the song “Mari Mari Ninne” itself. It was a miracle declared by carnatic people.
He mixed two ragas that are complicated and produced the song “Punjai Undu Nanjai Undu” from Unnal Mudium Thambi.
In 1994 december musical season Ilayarja was honoured bu the music academy for his invention of a new Raga ” Panjamugi ” and Ilayaraja was requested to start the season by singing. Famous violinist V.V.Subramaniyan explained Ilayaraja’s gimmics in cartnatic music.
In “Sindhu Bairavi” the last song was composed only with “Aarogam”, i.e. only increasing swaras. Exactlyb speaking the pitch will never come down. Mathematically it is like a Sawtooth wave.
8. Ilayaraja was paid Rs 40 lacks for Thalabathi in 1991, the highest till then. He was the man who made the music directors to be paid on par with or ahead of actors.
9. Many actors and directors insisted Producers to get the Callsheet from Ilayaraja and then only made commitments. The dependancy was such that if for some reason Ilayaraja stops scoring music the entire Tamil film industry will come to a Halt.
10. After 1976 a lot of recording centres were started bearing Ilayaraja’s name and the boards drawn with Raja’s photo. They worshipped Raja like a God for promoting their career. This is very evident if you enquire a Recording centre owner.
The average number of films Ilayaraja was scoring per year was 40 and in one year he had scored 55 films. The success percentage was more than 75 %. Even the songs which have failed were overshadowed by his other exceptional songs. Many of them were good if you see them alone. Also every hit song will immediately be followed by another one and he kept the people busy. He never gave excuse that for this reason this song failed. Also he never dissappointed the trust we and the customers had on him. Such a success in the industry has no parallel in any industry. There were days when people cursed Raja while coming out of theatre that one song out of 6 was not good. Such was his consistency and productivity.
I have discussed enough about his contributions to Carnatic Music in Para 3. He was appreciated by most of the Carnatic Specialists that his talent in Carnatic Music is in no way inferior to the best in the Carnatic Field.
His famous albums are
1. How To Name it.
2. Nothing but wind.
Nothing but wind created a record sales in Europe while How to name it is a lesson in the violin Unversities for western Music. Raja has been awarded Honourary Doctor by ARIZONA UNVERSITY (USA) for his services.
His latest touch is obviously “SYMPHONY”. I am sure I need not tell the story about this as it is very obvious.
To get an award for music in Malayalam is more difficult than getting at the national level. Ilayaraja has won the Best Music Director Award in Malayalam too. He gave mega hit songs in all south indian languages. Also he gave hit songs in Hindi Direcrly or Indirectly.
Ilayaraja decided how the song should be for every actor and director. I will give a list of actors, directors and producers who might have gone null and void in Ilayaraja’s absence. I feel Rajinikanth is an exception. He was enhanced by Raja. But in the absence of Raja’s music he would have come in a different mould but not necessarily to this extent.
Right from Murattukkalai you can see the songs enhancing his image. He was built by Raja film by Film. He came out of Raja for Manithan. But at that time he was well estblished. It is debatable whether he dared to use a differnt Music director during his initial stage. Anyhow it is very evident that Ilayaraja has played a vital role in Rajini’s success. Even now VEERA was recovered by Ilayaraja which was openly accepted by Super star himself and the public. A failure at that time would have been a big set back to Rajini careerwise and politically.
He was called “KAADAL ILAVARASAN”. For what? Only because of songs in his films. Every Kamal Film had good songs. Particularly Kamal became an aggressive hero only after SAGALAKALAVALLAVAN. Without Raja’s songs he is nothing nothing nothing. Kamal Rasigargal forgive me. If you wish we can have a separate debate on this.
After the failure of almost all films finally Vijaykanth got a confirmed berth in the industry when “VAIDEKI KATHTHIRUNTHAAL” was released. I remember the time it was released. The song “RASATHTHI ONNA” was sung like National Anthem. It was followed by “Amman Koil Kizhakkale”, “Ninaive Oru Sangeetham”, “Poonthotta Kavalkaaran”. Then only he settled.
These guys are also benefited from a number of films like
Walter Vetrivel
Thirumathi Palanichami
Kadalora kavithaigal
Varusham 16
Kilakku Vaasal
Agni Natchaththiram
Chinna Thambi
Senthamizh Paattu
and a lot more which needs the help of a statistician.
This is a list of actors who do not have any specialities and survived only because of Ilayaraja.
MOHAN : Payanangal Mudivathillai, Udhaya Geetham, Nan Paadum Paadal, Paadu Nilave, Ilamaikalangal.
RAMARAJAN : Probably the funniest actor
Enga ooru Pattukaaran, Karagaattakaaran, and many medium hit movies
RAJKIRAN : En Raasaavin Manasula, Aranmanaikili, Ellaame En Raasaathan, Enna Petha Raasa(Producer)
MURALI : Poovilangu, Pagalnilavu, Namma Ooru Poovaaththaa, Poomani
Can you think of Barathiraja without Ilayaraja’s music? Did he get the success he got with Raja after leaving him? I am sure Barathiraja is the person who is benefited most from Raja. He is indebted to Raja like anything. But “Varattu Gouravam” prevents Barathiraja from joining with Raja. It is a quiet natural and very human. Because they were friends in boyhood. While Raja went to the height of controlling the entire cine field, Barathiraja even with the help of magnificent song struggled to secure a win in more than half of his career. He could become only the best director in the field whereas Raja went on to become the King of the Industry. Had Raja not been his childhood friend, he would have digested Raja’s success.
As far as I am concerned, Barathiraja can be accepted as a completely independent director only if he can give a film like “16 vayathinile”, “manvaasanai”, “alaigal oyvathillai”, “Mudal Mariaathai” in the absence of Raaja. Till then he can be considered to have gone null and void in the absence of Ilayaraja.
You know Balachandar in “Ninaithale Inikkum”. You know Balachandar in “Sindhu Bairavi”. Where was Balachandar between these two? Take a quick lok at the following films
What does flash in your mind ? The stories? The actors? The actress? The Awards?
No !!! Songs Songs Songs . These songs went into Record books.
After the success of “Pudhu Pudhu Arththangal” many journals emphasised that the songs played the key roll in the success. Our Balachandar did not accept it . He told in the press that his story only was the vital reason for the success and he was not happy to give the Lion’s share to Raja. He also declared that he is not going to use Raja’s services anymore. Did he get that quality songs thereafter? No? Don’t say Duet! Only two songs that too did not help the film anyway!!
So it is very obvious that Ilayaraja is the Only person responsible for Balachandar’s success in the last decade.
Balu himself accepted that He will stay with Raja as long as he does music as Raja played a major roll behind his success.
To accept the talent one person is good for another talented person. I don’t know why Barathiraja and Balachandar in spite of themselves being Giants in their field could not digest Raja’s Talents.
A completed film before background music is called Double Positive technically. After finishing “Mullum Malarum”, Mahendran has shown the Double positive to Distributors. They refused to buy saying it is like documentary. But after Raja completed Rerecording there was a heavy demand among the Distributors. Mahendran also says Ilayaraja made a lot of difference in his Movies.
Mani’s first two films were to be failed. But Raja salveged his pride.
They are Pagal Nilavu and Idhayakoil
Next is Mounaragam. obviously songs played the key roll.
Next one is Nayagan. Songs and BGM definitely made a difference.
Next one is Agni Natchaththiram. Only reason for success is Songs.
Next one is Idhayaththai Thirudathe. Only songs.
Next one is Anjali. Songs and BGM rescued from a disaster.
Next is Thalabathi. Songs were biggest hits.
Whenever Mani was in crisis, songs helped him a lot. Is that right today?
The only strength of the following directors is Ilayaraja. In the absence of Raja’s music they would not have been noticed at all. ( Selvamani might have survived)
P.Vasu – Chinna Thambi, Walter Vetrivel, Senthamil Pattu
R.V.Udayakumar – Kilakku vaasal, Chinna Gounder, Ponnumani, Ejaman
R.K.Selvamani – Captain Prabhakaran, Chembaruththi, Pulan Visaaranai ( He was benefited by a very good BGM also)
R.Sundarrajan – Vaideki Kaththirunthal, Amman Koil Kilakkale, Payanangal Mudivathillai, Nan Padum Paadal, Rajathi Raja
K.Natraj – Udayageetham, Unnai Nan Sanththen, Ninaive oru sangeetham
Others like Rajkiran, Kalangiam, Kasthuriraja
1. Sangili Murugan
2. Kovaithambi
3. Sathya movies
4. Sathyajyothi Films
5. Rajkiran
6. Amma creations Siva
7. G.V.Films
If you see the history of these people You see the role of Raja with them.
To conclude this topic 8 , if you consolidate you can see that the above people only constituted the entire Tamil Cine Field and Raja being the heart and backbone of each one’s success, it is very evident that Raja was the man who survived the entire field between 1976 and 1990. My prevoius argument that had Ilayaraja stopped scoring musivc in that period for some reason, the entire field would have collapsed and come to a halt, makes a little sense.
Ilayaraja was the first person to indroduce STEREO effect in songs. The film was Priya.
Ilayaraja was the first person to use computers for composing music. The film was VIKRAM.
If you see Mudal Mariathai and Devar Magan, you can see the dedication and commitment shown by Ilayaraja. In the course of BGM he suggests bit songs and some change in scrrenplay which worked out many times. Infact the name Devar Magan was suggested by Raja, Also in Chinna Goundar, the song “Sollal Adiththa sundari” was suggested by Raja and got a big calp. Also when s situation requires, he does not hesitate to write Lyrics and Sing himself.
You might have known this. The six tunes of “Chinna Thambi” were produced in 45 minutes by Ilayaraja. He has completed entire recording of 3 songs right from Tuning in a single day. As I already said He has produced 40 films on an average. i.e. atleast 200 songs an year in addition to rerecording in which raja is the quickest and best (in quality). He finishes BGM in 3 days normally. Apart from all these he spends time in learning carnatic, producing albums, symphony etc. He has completed 10 degrees in Piano in a London University which is the top Piano Univ in the world. He can play every instrument on par with a full time professional and he was one among the top 4 Guitarists in the 80s. His favourite instrument is Guitar.
Many a times Raja has done music at low costs and sometimes at no cost for poor producers to uplift them. In 1993 when Parthiban was struggling for money to complete “Ulle Veliye”, Raja told him he may give money for the music if only the film becomes a successful one.
His composing style is something unique, extraordinary and stunning. He never asks the technitians to play the song and hear it. He completely writes the song as notes and ask them to play directly. He never changes the music during the course of regersal. It means he completely run the song in mind and exactly produces in the paper.
Whenever he goes to Bombay for recording, almost all Music Directors crowd at the stuio to view hi professionalism. Famous composer Naushad, the Music Director for Rajkaboor stated that Raja has achieved more tha 100 times other can think about and he has a lot to learn from the Genius Ilayaraja.
Until 1976 hardly few houses had radios and Taperecorders were rare. Till then even though people liked other songs, they were not ready to spend money over them. But once Raja was in, the whole industry was busy and people were crazy about songs. They started recording songs and all members of the house were keen at assembling whenever Vividbharathi or Neyar Viruppam was scheduled. Statistics reveal that the sale of Radios and taperecorders increased exponentially at that time.
I like to conclude here. I make a humble request to People cursing Raja. He is our guy who upheld out pride and represented us. You need not appreciate him. Atleast do not wound him. Do not compare Raja with any other Person. He is Beyond comparison. He has nothing more to achieve. Also he need not prove that he is a genius. We have enough evdence. One can atmost aim at equalling his talents.
I do not argue that other music directors are inferior to Ilayaraja. My arguement is that Ilayaraja is superior to other people.
I am sorry for such a big discussion and I appreciate your patience to read this article and I thank you. If you feel I missed something or I am wrong somewhere do not fail to notify.
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